10 Best Speakers for Mac Mini (2021)

You can hardly be perfectly happy with those tiny speakers built inside your Mac Mini. Mac Mini is already extremely small, and the speakers are even smaller. Our article about the 10 best speakers for Mac Mini is here to offer you some nice upgrades.

We will tell you what speakers are compatible with Mac Mini, give you some tips on what to look for when buying a speaker for Mac Mini, and present to you our selection of best speakers for Mac Mini.

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Logitech S120Read Our Review4.5Check Price On Amazon
Bose Companion 2Read Our Review4.6Check Price On Amazon
AmazonBasicsRead Our Review4.3Check Price On Amazon
Edifier R1280TRead Our Review4.7Check Price On Amazon
Logitech Z200Read Our Review4.4Check Price On Amazon
Creative PebbleRead Our Review4.6Check Price On Amazon
Sonos One (Gen 2)Read Our Review4.6 Check Price On Amazon
Bose Home Speaker 300Read Our Review4.4Check Price On Amazon
Denon Home 150Read Our Review4.3Check Price On Amazon
Libratone ZippRead Our Review4.0Check Price On Amazon

What is a Mac Mini?

Mac Mini is Apple’s mini desktop computer. It’s Apple’s smallest computer and it’s also one of the smallest on the market. Despite its size, Mac Mini is a very capable and versatile device with some impressive specs and features.

Since we are talking about speakers for Mac mini, the focus of our attention will be on Mac Mini’s connectivity. As you can see from the image below, the latest Mac Mini has an Ethernet port, two Thunderbolt/USB4 ports (6K/60Hz), HDMI 2.0 (4K/60Hz), two USB-A ports, and a 3.5mm headphone output.

Additionally, Mac mini features Bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooth 5.0), wi-fi connectivity (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac), and it features Airplay2.

So, you have numerous connections and many options if you want to upgrade the speakers that are already built inside Mac Mini. So, what kinds of speakers can you connect to Mac Mini?

Mac Mini Connections

Mac Mini Connections (source – Apple)

What Speakers are Compatible with Mac Mini?

Thanks to so many physical and wireless connectivity options, practically all powered and battery-operated speakers are compatible with Mac mini. We will divide them into several groups and explain how to connect each speaker type.

Speakers with 3.5mm and RCA inputs

Any speaker with a standard AUX or RCA input can be connected to Mac Mini via the headphone output on the rear panel. Once you connect the speakers, go to the System Preferences, click the Sound icon, and then select the output. 

Bluetooth speakers

Since Mac Mini is Bluetooth-enabled (BT 5.0), it can be paired with any Bluetooth speaker (or Bluetooth headphones) and you can stream audio wirelessly to that speaker/headphones. If the sound is not sent to the speaker once you are paired, you will have to go to the Sound settings again and select the output device. 

Bluetooth speakers, however, are not the preferred option, especially if you want to watch movies or any other video content. The problem with Bluetooth connection is that it’s slow and will, in most cases, cause a noticeable audio lag.

Bluetooth speakers with aptX LL support are supposed to provide a delay-free sound but the problem is that Mac Mini doesn’t support aptX LL. Some Bluetooth speakers may introduce a very low delay, but there’s no guarantee you will get perfectly reliable performance.

The best options when it comes to Bluetooth speakers and headphones are – Beats Pill+, Beats Solo and Studio3 headphones, Powerbeats earbuds, and AirPods.

Airplay2-enabled speakers

Mac Mini supports Airplay2 and can stream audio wirelessly to one or multiple Airplay2-enabled speakers. For starters, you can use HomePod and HomePod Mini, but you can also use speakers made by other manufacturers if they support Airplay2 (Sonos One, Bose Home Speaker 300, Denon Home 150, etc.). 

You can also stream audio via Airplay2 to any Airplay2-enabled AV receiver or stereo amplifier, and play the audio through passive speakers connected to that receiver/amplifier.

Now that you have some basic info about Mac Mini and speakers compatible with Mac Mini, we can move onto our selection of 10 best speakers for Mac Mini.

The list is divided into two parts based on the connection type. The first part is dedicated to speakers with an AUX connection, while the second part is dedicated to Airplay2-enabled speakers.

We decided not to talk about Bluetooth speakers since you already have a bunch of articles related to Bluetooth speakers on our webpage. So, select your preferred connection and read our reviews.


Speakers with AUX/RCA/USB inputs are usually cheaper and are a better option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution.

Best Speakers for Mac Mini Under $10 – Logitech S120

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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Logitech S120 is a simple and super-cheap 2.0 system. It consists of two speakers (right – master and left – slave). The speakers are connected with each other via an undetachable cable. The power cable is permanently attached to the master speaker. The same goes for the AUX cable. 

Both speakers are slim and compact (6.25in tall and 2.5in wide). Each speaker has one 2in driver protected with a metal grille. On the left side of the master speaker, there’s a volume dial that doubles as the power button and a 3.5mm headphone output.

You won’t be blown away by the sonic performance. It’s quite mid-centric but the sound is clear and fairly loud. It gets a little distorted at high volumes, but it’s not too distracting.


  • Super-cheap
  • Slim and compact
  • Easy to use (plug-and-play device)
  • AUX connection
  • Headphone output
  • Mid-centric, clear, and fairly loud sound output


  • The cables are not detachable and are too short (46 inches) for large monitors

Best Mini Speakers for Mac Mini with AUX connection Under $100 – Bose Companion 2

Editor’s Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

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Looking for something more sophisticated-looking and better-sounding but still compact and easy to set up? Bose Companion 2 is a perfect choice. It’s not too expensive but it’s significantly pricier than the previously reviewed Logitech S120.

The speakers come with a detachable power cable and one AUX cable. The speaker cable is permanently attached to the left speaker (slave), while the main speaker (right) has the speaker input on the back. Each speaker is 7.5in tall and 3.5in wide. 

The front panel of the main speaker houses the volume/power dial and a headphone output. Each speaker has one full-range driver built-inside and a tiny bass reflex port on the back. 

The rear panel of the master/right speaker houses four connections – speaker connection (use it to connect the left speaker), DC power input, and two AUX inputs. The left speaker has only one undetachable cable connected to it (you’re supposed to connect the other end of the cable to the master speaker). 

Bose Companion 2 speaker system delivers very clear, detailed, and undistorted sound (even at max volume). The speakers are not great when it comes to bass, but the sound is still loud and engaging.


  • Fairly affordable (priced under $100)
  • Compact
  • Plug-and-play (easy to use)
  • Two AUX inputs
  • Headphone output 
  • Clear, articulate, balanced, and fairly loud sound


  • Proprietary speaker cable

AmazonBasics Computer Speakers

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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AmazonBasics is another simple and compact 2.0 system. The difference between this one and the previous two is that this one is a bit more portable since it can be USB-powered. Actually, you can choose between two different AmazonBasics versions – DC-powered and USB-powered.

The speakers are compact with a simple control scheme. Each speaker is 5.3in tall, 2.8in wide, and 3.2in deep. The front panel of each speaker houses one full-range 1.1W driver (2.2W in total) protected with a black fabric grille.

The master speaker has the volume/power dial and a headphone output, located right at the bottom of the front panel. All the cables (power cable, AUX cable, speaker cable) are permanently attached to the speakers (the slave speaker has only the speaker cable connected to it).

The sound quality is satisfying. It’s mostly mid-centric without any actual bass, but it’s fairly clear and can be quite loud. There’s some noticeable distortion at higher volumes.


  • Compact 
  • Two power options – DC adapter or USB cable
  • Easy to use
  • Headphone output
  • Fairly clear and loud sound


  • Undetachable power cable and speaker cables
  • Lacks bass

Best Speakers for Mac Mini Under $100 – Edifier R1280T

Editor’s Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

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If you have more space at your disposal, Edifier’s powered bookshelf speakers are a magnificent option. All Edifier speakers are very affordable and deliver surprisingly good performance for the price. R1280T speakers are more of a bookshelf than desktop speakers, but if you have a large table, that shouldn’t be a problem. 

The speakers come with a simple speaker cable (it’s just a bare speaker wire), RCA cable, remote, manual, and a 2-year warranty.

Both speakers have beautiful MDF cabinets with a vinyl finish. The front panels are covered with removable (magnetic) grey fabric grilles. The right speaker is the master speaker and has all the controls and most of the connections. On the right panel, there are three dials – volume/power dial, bass dial, and treble dial.

The rear panel of the master speakers houses two RCA connections, spring-clip speaker connectors, power button, and a power cable. On the rear panel of the left speaker, you have two spring-clip speaker inputs.

Each speaker houses one 4in woofer and one 0.5in silk-dome tweeter. Also, each speaker houses one front-firing bass reflex port. The max power output is 42W.

The sound quality is surprisingly good. The bass is punchy and fast, the mids are clear, and the treble is fairly consistent. The sound is clear most of the time. It just gets slightly distorted at very high volumes. 


  • Affordable
  • Simple yet attractive design
  • Intuitive and responsive controls (remote included)
  • Two RCA inputs
  • Powerful, loud, and well-balanced sound


  • Poor-quality spring-clip speaker connectors

Best Speakers for Mac Mini Under $30 – Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z200

Editor’s Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

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Logitech is a very popular brand on the computer speaker market. Logitech speakers are cheaper than the competition and usually offer similar performance as pricier speakers made by other manufacturers.

Z200 is a simple and affordable 2.0 system with hard-wired speakers. The speakers are compact, slim, and look quite stylish. There’s no grille protecting the drivers, which doesn’t make them less attractive. Each speaker is 9.1in tall, 3.4in wide, and 4.6in deep.

The wire connecting the speakers is 6ft long. 3.5mm audio cable is connected to the master speaker (the right one) and is 4ft long. The included AC power adapter is detachable and is 6ft long.

Each speaker houses two 2.5in drivers. On the front panel of the main speaker, right under the drivers, you have the volume/power dial and two audio ports – one 3.5mm headphone output and one 3.5mm input. On the right panel, you have a dial labeled as ‘tone control’. This dial is used to adjust the bass level.  

The total speaker output is rated at 10W. The speakers are quite loud and deliver punchy and clear sound. The distortion is only noticeable at very high volumes (90% or more).


  • Affordable (priced under $30)
  • Compact and slim
  • Intuitive controls
  • Two 3.5mm inputs
  • One headphone output
  • 10W peak power output
  • Balanced and loud sound output


  • The speaker cable is undetachable (the speakers are hard-wired)

Best USB-Powered Speakers for Mac Mini Under $20 – Creative Pebble

Editor’s Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

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Creative Pebble is also a compact wired 2.0 system. It features a very unique and recognizable design with two spherical speakers and two upward-angled drivers. 

The speakers are hard-wired. The cable connecting the speakers together is 3.9ft long. AUX cable and USB power cable are connected to the main speaker (the right speaker) and are both 4ft long. The master speaker also houses the volume/power dial and an LED power indicator.

Each speaker houses one 2in full-range driver. The drivers are angled at 45°. The RMS power output of the system is rated at 4.4W. The frequency response spans from 100Hz to 17kHz. The sound is surprisingly loud. The bass is lacking but the mids are clear and detailed, and the highs are consistent.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Compact
  • Unique and recognizable spherical design
  • USB-powered (more portable than DC-powered speakers)
  • Easy to use (plug-and-play speakers)
  • Upward-angled drivers
  • Clear, well-balanced, mid-centric sound


  • The cable connecting the speakers is not detachable and is too short
  • The bass is lacking


Airplay/Airplay2 speakers are pricier than the previous speakers but they also come with some additional features (multiroom capabilities, Bluetooth connectivity, app, compatibility with different streaming services, etc.). They are definitely a more convenient solution for your Mac Mini.

Best Smart Speaker for Mac Mini Under $200 – Sonos One (Gen 2)

Editor’s Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

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Sonos One (Gen 2) belongs to the new generation of famous Sonos smart wireless speakers. Sonos One is a compact, simple-looking, yet attractive speaker. It’s 6.4in tall, 4.7in wide, and weighs slightly over 4lbs.

The top panel houses touch-sensitive controls (playback controls, volume controls, Alexa/mic on/off). On the back, you have an Ethernet port and pairing button. The power input is located on the bottom. 

Sonos One Gen 2 doesn’t have any physical audio connections but it’s wi-fi enabled and you can also stream music wirelessly from your phone, tablet, PC, or any other Bluetooth-enabled source. The included Sonos app (new Sonos S2 app) allows you to adjust all kinds of settings.

The app is also compatible with all the most popular streaming services (Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer, Spotify, Pandora, etc.) so you can integrate your accounts with it and stream all the music to Sonos One.

Sonos One Gen 2 also supports Airplay2, which gives you more streaming options and allows you to connect your Mac Mini with Sonos One. You can even pair two Sonos One speakers and play audio in stereo (you would have to use the Sonos app to switch from mono to stereo).

Also, you can stream the same audio to multiple speakers located all around your home (multiroom capabilities). You can even place Sonos One in your bathroom since it’s humidity-resistant.

Sonos One Gen 2 has Alexa built-in (6 far-field mic array) so you can control everything with your voice. You can also turn off the microphones if you don’t want to use Alexa.

Finally, Sonos One can be integrated into a 5.1 home theater system – you can combine it with Sonos PLAYBAR/PLAYBASE/BEAM/ARC and Sonos SUB. 

Each Sonos One houses one mid-woofer and one tweeter. The sound is detailed, accurate, and somewhat midrange-oriented. The bass is not very powerful but, considering the size, it’s fairly satisfying.


  • Compact
  • Good build quality and attractive design
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Airplay2 support
  • Alexa built-in
  • Sonos S2 app
  • Pair two for stereo sound
  • Pair multiple speakers into a multiroom system
  • Integrate Sonos One Gen 2 into a 5.1 system
  • Clear, articulate, and detailed sound


  • No physical connections of any kind
  • Paying $200 for a single speaker could be too much for some people
  • The speaker is not portable (not battery-powered)
  • The speaker is not Bluetooth-enabled

Bose Home Speaker 300

Editor’s Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

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Bose Home Speaker 300 is fairly similar, in terms of features and performance, to the previously reviewed Sonos One. Since they are also priced the same, we will be making some comparisons during this review. 

Bose Home Speaker 300 is 6.3in tall, 5.5in wide, and 4in deep. It has an interesting shape and a very effective and stylish design. A large portion of the speaker is wrapped in a black aluminum grille. The rest is made of aluminum.

On the front panel, right at the top, there’s a simple LED voice assistant indicator (it tells you when the speaker is listening, thinking, or answering). On the top panel, there’s a nice-looking touch-sensitive panel.

It allows you to quickly change the source, adjust the volume, control the playback, turn on/off the microphones, and select one of six available presets. For all the additional settings and for the initial setup, you have to use the Bose Music app. On the back of the speaker, there’s an AUX input and a power input.

The speaker features wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It also supports Airplay2 so you can connect it to your Mac Mini wirelessly (or you can use the AUX port). The Bose Music app is compatible with some of the most common music streaming services (Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Spotify, TuneIn, etc.). 

Bose Home 300 can be paired with multiple compatible speakers from the Bose Smart Home Family series (Bose 300, Bose 500, Bose smart soundbars – 500 and 700) so you can make a large multiroom system. Also, you can pair Bose 300 with Bose SoundLink speakers using the SimpleSync technology.

Furthermore, Bose Home Speaker 300 has Alexa and Google Assistant built-in so you can control it with your voice.

The speaker has one speaker built inside and, according to the manufacturer, it can deliver 360° sound, which sounds quite impossible. The sound is clear, mid-centric (which is not a strange thing when it comes to Bose), and can get quite loud. However, the sound reproduction is not very detailed or dynamic. 


  • Compact and well built
  • Intuitive and responsive controls
  • Bose Music App
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity (BT 4.2)
  • Airplay2 support
  • AUX input
  • 6 selectable presets
  • Compatible with numerous streaming services
  • Multiroom capabilities (with other Bose Smart Home speakers)
  • Can be paired wirelessly with Bose SoundLink speakers
  • Alexa and Google Assistant built-in
  • Clear, loud, and midrange-oriented sound


  • You can’t pair two for stereo sound and better separation (when you pair two Bose 300 speakers or one Bose 300 and some other compatible speaker, you will only get dual mono sound)
  • The speaker is not wall-mountable
  • The sound reproduction lacks detail and dynamics

Best Alternative to Sonos One – Denon Home 150

Editor’s Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Check Price


Denon Home 150 falls under the same category as the previous two speakers (Bose Home 300 and Sonos One Gen 2).

It’s a smart wireless speaker and it’s priced about the same as the previous two. It is, in many ways (especially when it comes to streaming options), similar to Sonos One and it’s slightly better, when it comes to sonic performance, than the Bose Home Speaker 300. 

Denon Home 150 is 8.4in tall and has a squarish base. All the lateral sides are wrapped in high-quality acoustic fabric (the previous two speakers have aluminum grilles). Like the previous two speakers, Denon Home 150 has a touch-sensitive control panel on the top.

There are some basic playback/volume controls and three preset buttons (you can save three favorite internet radio stations). 

On the back of the speaker, there’s a screw hole for wall-mounting. Also, you have an Ethernet port, USB port, AUX input, Bluetooth pairing button, and a power button.

For the initial setup and all the advanced adjustments, you can use the Heos app. The app is compatible with various streaming platforms and internet radios (Amazon Music, TIDAL, Pandora, Deezer, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Sirius XM, etc.).

The speaker features wi-fi connectivity and it’s also Bluetooth-enabled (BT 4.2). Furthermore, you have Airplay2 support, which is an additional wireless streaming option and allows you to connect your Mac Mini wirelessly. Finally, Denon Home 150 has HEOS built-in.

HEOS technology allows you to pair Denon Home 150 with other compatible HEOS devices (Denon Home speakers, AV receivers, stereo amplifiers, etc.) and make a multiroom system. 

Each Denon Home 150 houses one 3.5in mid-bass woofer and one 1in tweeter. The sound output is crystal-clear, detailed, and well-balanced. The bass response is not very impressive but that’s completely understandable considering the size of the speaker. 


  • Attractive design
  • Good build quality
  • Wall mountable
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (BT 4.2) connectivity
  • Airplay2 support
  • AUX and USB inputs
  • HEOS app
  • HEOS built-in (multiroom capabilities)
  • Compatible with various streaming services and internet radios
  • Compatible with Alexa devices
  • 24-bit/192kHz D/A conversion
  • Clear, detailed, and loud sound reproduction


  • Not portable (not battery-powered)
  • It doesn’t have Alexa built-in (it’s just Alexa-compatible)

Best Portable Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Speaker for Mac Mini – Libratone Zipp

Editor’s Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Check Price


Libratone Zipp is a smart speaker/Bluetooth speaker combo. It has the same features as the previous three speakers but it’s also portable (it has a built-in battery). Zipp is like a mixture of some portable JBL speaker (something larger like JBL Xtreme) and Sonos One or Denon Home 150. 

The speaker is cylindrically shaped. It’s 10.2in tall and the base has 4.8in diameter. The speaker features a very eye-catching, very modern design. That fabric cover protecting the speaker is removable, it can be replaced, and it can be washed. 

The speaker has a very simple control scheme. There’s a circular touch-sensitive control panel with a bird in the middle. You can use this panel to control the volume (slide clockwise/counterclockwise around the circle edge), control the playback, and some other settings.

For the initial setup and for the wi-fi connection setup, you are supposed to use the Libratone app. This app also allows you to adjust all kinds of advanced settings. 

On the back of the speaker, you have the power button, DC power input, AUX input, and a USB input (can be used for phone charging).

The speaker is quite versatile. For starters, it features Bluetooth 4.0 and has a built-in battery. You can use it as a standard portable Bluetooth speaker. The battery will deliver up to 10h of playtime at moderate volumes.

Bluetooth is just the beginning when it comes to connectivity. This speaker is also wi-fi enabled and supports Airplay2 and Spotify Connect. 

Thanks to the SOUNDSPACE technology, Libratone Zipp has multiroom capabilities – you can pair 6 Libratone Zipp speakers together and stream audio wirelessly across your home. Also, you can pair two speakers and play any audio in stereo (TWS feature). 

Libratone Zipp features support for various streaming platforms and internet radios. The control panel located on the top allows you to save up to 5 presets.

The speaker has built-in dual mics allowing you to answer phone calls handsfree. Furthermore, Libratone Zipp is compatible with Alexa, so you can use any Alexa speaker to control the playback.

Libratone Zipp has one 4in woofer, one 1in tweeter, two passive bass radiators, and a 360° cone. This specific driver arrangement enables 360° sound.

The sound output is powerful, loud, and quite bassy. At high volumes, the bass will put a shadow on the midrange and make the mids a bit less clear. The max power output is rated at 100W.


  • Very attractive, eye-catching design
  • Removable, replaceable, washable fabric covers
  • Nice-looking and responsive controls
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Airplay2 support
  • Spotify connect support
  • Libratone app
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Has a built-in battery (up to 10h of playtime per charge)
  • Has dual built-in mics for call answering
  • Bass-heavy, powerful, and loud sound


  • Now waterproof (no IPX rating)
  • The bass tends to overpower the mids

This was our selection of 10 best speakers for Mac Mini. We hope it helped you find one or two models you like. For more info and for some tips on what to look for when buying speakers for Mac Mini, read our Buyer’s Guide.

Buyer’s Guide – Things to Look for When Buying a Speaker for Mac Mini

Once you determine your budget limit and the type of connection you need/want, things will get a bit easier, but there’re still all kinds of stuff to consider when buying a speaker for your Mac Mini. 


The price of a speaker pair for Mac Mini can be as low as $10 but it can also be very high ($300+). It all depends on the speaker quality, speaker versatility, additional features, and even the manufacturer. The good news is that whatever limit you set, there will be plenty of speakers compatible with your Mac Mini.

Connection type

Mac Mini is compatible with all kinds of speakers so choosing the connection type does not limit the number of available choices. It’s just a matter of preference. You just have to decide what kind of system you want to build.

Do you want a simple speaker set to use it only with your Mac Mini (AUX/USB speakers) or do you want something that you can also bring with you (Bluetooth)? Or maybe something that can be a part of a multiroom system and supports Amazon Alexa (Airplay2-enabled speaker).

Just set your priorities and choose the type of connection that’s perfect for your existing setup or for the setup you want to build.


Speaker size plays an important role when choosing the speaker for your Mac Mini. The size is determined by the available space and by the kind of sound you prefer. If you have a tiny flat and don’t have much space, you should go for a pair of small powered desktop speakers. If you like bass-heavy sound or louder sound, go for something bigger.

Sound and loudness

Sound quality is always a crucial thing. Maybe you don’t need an audiophile-grade speaker or a bass-heavy speaker. You just need something that suits your taste. Something you like. That’s why it’s recommended to test the speaker before buying it.

Additional features (additional inputs, Alexa support, FM tuners, etc.)

Different speakers have different features. Some are just simple plug-and-play wired speakers, others are portable Bluetooth speakers, or wi-fi-enabled speakers with Airplay2 support. 

The cheapest wired speakers have only one connection (3.5mm) and no additional features. Pricier desktop/bookshelf speakers may have some additional inputs (optical, USB inputs, phono inputs), some also have subwoofer outputs, and are Bluetooth-enabled. Some also have FM tuners.

If you need a multiroom speaker, you will have to go for a speaker with wi-fi connectivity. Wi-Fi speakers often feature Bluetooth connectivity and some even have additional physical inputs (usually 3.5mm).

What is the Best Speaker for Mac Mini?

It’s impossible to pinpoint just one speaker or one brand. Mac Mini is compatible with a wide variety of speakers (wired, Bluetooth, wi-fi) so picking just one would be unfair to others. If you’re looking for some suggestions, scroll up and check out our selection of 10 best speakers for Mac Mini.

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